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We have ten beautiful alpacas, honeybees, babydoll sheep, angora goats, free-range hens, horses and donkeys on our 50-acre farm located in Blackstock, Ontario. Our Tiny Farmstead strives to promote an outdoor educational experience for all visitors of all ages.

For more information about our Farm Experiences, please go to TOURS + PRICES in our Menu bar above. We invite you to visit our farm through a booked experience only and encourage you to contact us via email at to book your visit today.

Swarm of Bees

Our Story

Our Tiny Farmstead, established in 2020, is managed and operated by first-generation farmers. Their love for the outdoors, spreading environmental awareness and sharing their passion with the community began when they were both young children. Our Tiny Farmstead has several different animals on the farm, such as alpacas, angora goats, chickens, honeybees, baby doll sheep, donkeys, horses, and their beautiful farm dogs.


Mitch + Moranda

For many years we have envisioned living in the country, growing our own vegetables and raising our animals. It has been a childhood dream of mine (Moranda, owner) to be able to teach and share the passion I have for sustainable agriculture living for all ages. In April 2020, after completing a four-year bachelor’s degree majoring in Environmental & Resource Studies, I knew I wanted to continue my learning outdoors and expand to an agricultural setting. Our goal and purpose for Our Tiny Farmstead is to give all visitors the chance to be educated on agricultural studies, explore the outdoors, and to learn about the different farm animals we have.


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